My Little Ones Daycare


At my in-home childcare, I will focus on nurturing your child’s social and emotional well being while laying the foundation for his/her education. Your child will enjoy learning through play, observation and interaction with others in the same age group.

I provide an intimate home-like atmosphere, attentive care and opportunities for creative development. Your child will be encouraged to explore, question and discover at his/her own pace. In order to achieve these goals, children will participate in a diverse range of planned activities each day.

Because healthy eating habits are so important, it is best to establish them early in life. I provide breakfast as well as morning and afternoon snacks in accordance with the Color Me Healthy food program. In this program, fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. are chosen from different color groups and provide daily nutritional balance. To get young children more involved in their dietary routine, planned activities stimulate all of their senses: touch, smell, sight, sound, and, of course, taste. Through the use of color, original music, and exploration of the senses, Color Me Healthy teaches children that healthy food and physical activity are fun.

Welcome to My Little Ones Home Daycare